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The Clancy’s Story
Long Beach Party Project

Around 1930 with the onset of the automobile, this
property was opened as a Texaco Station---hence, the
vertical neon sign, raised center island in the parking lot,
and wide driveways/entrances. Around 1960, the property
became a Chinese themed bar called Jacimos, named
after the owners, Jack and Amos. In the 1960’s, the bar
was sold to a gentleman with a German Sheppard named
Clancy, which became the namesake of this Irish
American themed pub. In the 1970’s, the pub was owned
by a lady named Betty Valentine, who sold the pub to the
George Family who owned it for decades until 2006 when
it was sold to current ownership. During the George Family
era, the pub was a high volume lunchtime
restaurant/watering hole for Longshoremen, Lawyers and
Judges as well as Long Beach City Officials. Prices were
cheap; the drinks were strong.
It was also during the George family era when the pub
became iconic for its relationship to the Long Beach Grand
Prix. Early on, this relationship was facilitated by Clancy’s
proximity to the track---noting the track at one time had a
hairpin turn in front of the Villa Riviera at Ocean and
Alamitos. Race fans, Drivers and their crews alike would
patronize Clancy’s all weekend long. For 25 years, the
George family covered the walls (including rafters) with
Grand Prix Artwork, including both Official Race Posters
and Industry Promotional Posters. In 2006, current
ownership restored the Grand Prix artwork. Kudos to the
George family-we are aware of no other collection of
LBGP art that compares. And thankfully, the
Clancy’s/Grand Prix legacy continues today.



Executive dinner

Executive dinner

Executive dinner

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Executive dinner

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